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Mobile VAS in Kingswood



The next meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday 18th March at  Woodchester Endowed Primary School.

Latest News (March 2020)

Meeting with Highways Commissioner

Four members of the SDRSG Team are meeting with the GCC Highways Commissioner next week to discuss the issues raised by our recent survey (see results and report on this website) and discuss GCC support for road safety initiatives. A full report will be provided on this website. (26.02.2020)

List of PCSO’s

If you are not sure who your PCSO is, we have prepared a list of PCSO’s by Parish, which you can download from the ‘reports and documents’ section of this website. (26.02.2020)

Community Speed Cameras

We have now completed the trial of the AutoSpeedWatch device purchased by the group and installed in Frocester. The results are very encouraging, and emphasise the importance of providing waring signage to increase the deterrence factor for these devices. The main conclusion of the study is that “Stroud District Road Safety Group recommends that AutoSpeedWatch should be considered as part of an integrated approach to modifying driver behaviour and reducing speeding in the Stroud District.” You can read about the trial and our conclusions by downloading the report on this website. (24.02.2020)

GCC Highways survey

We recently surveyed all Parish Clerks on various aspects of GCC Highways performance, in preparation for our meeting with the Highways Commissioner. The results and a report are available on this website. (10.01.2020)

Mobile VAS in Action

Our two Mobile VAS systems have been deployed to more than 20 sites across the Stroud District, and are book up now until October 2020. As well as identifying sites where speeding is an issue, and referring these to Gloucestershire Constabulary for enforcement action, we have also been validating the results from these systems. You can read about these results by downloading the SDRSG Report on Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs from this website. (20.01.2020)

Rural Multi-Site Traffic Road Safety Order

At our last meeting it was agreed that we would not proceed with the planned Multi-Site Traffic Regulation Order, but instead will support individual applications for speed reductions. You can read about the discussion on this topic and the reasons for this decision in our meeting minutes. (November 2019)