Latest News


The SDRSG formed in November 2018. 

Current Projects

1. We are working with local councils to identify locations with inappropriate speed limits. 26 sites have been identified to date in 16 different councils, most seeking a reduction from 30mph to 20mph, or from 40mph to 30mph. 

2. SDRSG is hoping to progress a Rural Multi-Site Traffic Road Safety Order to get multiple speed limit reductions where current speed limits are considered inappropriate. We are seeking match funding for the project from GCC Highways and the remainder of the costs will be shared between participating councils. This will help smaller councils who cannot afford to fund TRO’s on their own. We are hoping to complete the initial list of sites for consideration by the end of April, and will then review every site for suitability before progressing to traffic data collection and the required support documentation.

3. SDRSG is currently seeking funding to buy two Mobile VAS systems for use by all participating Councils in our District. These can be used to alert drivers to the existing speed limit in order to positively influence driver behaviour. These devices also collect traffic data which will inform and assist future campaigns, and will help collect the data required for the Rural Multi-Site Traffic Road Safety submission. 

4. We are also looking at a number of Vulnerable Road User Sites, for example where pedestrians have to walk on the carriageway to access local facilities such as schools, shops etc. Working with local councils we are trying to identify how can we improve road safety in these areas.

Future Projects

Future projects will focus on Enforcement, including:

a. utilising available road safety technologies, including ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras and VAS (Vehicle 

Activated Sign) devices. 

b. engaging with local Police Enforcement teams.

c. working with local Speedwatch Groups. We are keen to work with other District Groups in any way which can improve Road Safety in our respective areas and in the wider County, sharing information and resources and perhaps eventually with a county-wide umbrella group.

Other road safety news from the Stroud District

On 14th April 2019 the Pass Slow and Wide event ,to raise awareness of how drivers should pass vulnerable road users particularly horse and riders, is taking place. The event is part of a country wide awareness day with over 60 other counties taking part.  (It is not affiliated with SDRSG)