Upcoming Meeting Dates


Next meeting:

Date:  Wednesday 18th Sep 2019

Time:   7pm
Location:  Woodchester Endowed Primary School

Meetings are open to the General Public. Members of the public will be invited to state any issues they wish to be considered by the Committee at the beginning of the meeting, and to comment at the end of proceedings. Members of the public may also be allowed to join in discussion if invited by the Chairman, but will not be involved in the decision making process of the Committee. 

Agenda for next meeting: 

  1. Presentation by Inspector David Collicott, Gloucestershire Constabulary Road Safety Team
  2. Update on Multi-site TRO
  3. SDRSG VAS now ready for action!

A more detailed agenda for the meeting can be found below with an updated report on a recent meeting with  Chris Townley  (Senior Engineer, Traffic Regulation Order Team, Network and Traffic Management, Gloucestershire County Council)