About Us

Who we are

The Stroud District Road Safety Group (SDRSG) is an autonomous, independent group covering the SDC district.

The Group was formed as a result of road safety initiatives by a number of local Parish Councils, to act as a focal point for a network of interested parties, working together to enhance all aspects of road safety in the Stroud district.


We aim to engage with and represent Parish and Town Councils, Community Groups, Road Safety and Speedwatch teams, and local residents in the Stroud District to promote all aspects of Road Safety. 

The Stroud District Road Safety Group plans to share information about road safety and to coordinate specific road safety projects within the Stroud area, working closely with other road safety groups, District and County Council officers and local Police forces.

Making change happen

The SDRSG Committee holds monthly meetings which are open to the public. We plan to create road safety campaigns and to seek funding for the implementation of appropriate speed limits, prevention and enforcement technologies (such as VAS devices and ANPR cameras), and other road safety or traffic calming measures.